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Passionate Software Craftsman

ThmX Thomas Denoréaz

Hi everyone! My name is Thomas Denoréaz, I am a Swiss Software Engineer based in Zürich.

I graduated from the Lausanne Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) with a Bachelor in Computer Science and from the Zurich Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zürich) with a master in Computational Science & Engineering with specialization in Robotics.

My ambition in life is to wake up every morning and enjoy what I am doing. The more challenging is the problem, the better will be the reward!

A person who is more than casually interested in computers should be well schooled in machine language, since it is a fundamental part of a computer.


Currently working as the Software CTO at Super Computing Systems in Technopark, Zürich.


2nd August 1988
French, English, German
Zürich, Switzerland
In a relationship


CTO and Project Manager at Supercomputing Systems AG 2018-Present
Software Engineer at Supercomputing Systems AG 2017-2018
Master Thesis at Supercomputing Systems AG 2017
Software Engineer at Mindband Gmbh 2016-2017
Software Engineer at EPFL 2015-2016
React Developer at ETH Juniors 2015-2016
Teaching Assistant at EPFL 2011-2014
Android Developer at Junior Entreprise EPFL 2013
Software Engineer at Usefulweb 2011-2012
Android Developer at ForumEPFL 2011-2012


Master in Computational Science & Engineering from ETHZ 2018
Bachelor in Computer Science from EPFL 2015
Special Mathematics Course (CMS) 2010
Federal Certificate in Informatics 2008


Platoon leader as Officer in Command Support June 2014 - April 2015
Squad leader as Sub-Officer in Command Support March-June 2014
Private in Command Support July-October 2009


Modern Robotics: Mechanics, Planning, and Control Specialization (Northwestern University)
Principles of Reactive Programming (EPFL)
Introduction to Programming with MATLAB (Vanderbilt University)
R Programming (Johns Hopkins University)
Statistical Inference (Johns Hopkins University)
Regression Models (Johns Hopkins University)
Introduction to Forensic Science (Nanyang Technological University)


Baseball, Skiing, Running, Climbing, ...
Guitar, Drum
Google Code Jam,, Robotics, ...

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